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Merkin Dream

Merkin Dream

On View: February, 20 - March, 28, 2020

Opening Reception: Thursday, February, 20 

This February, 2020 MAP presented Merkin Dream, a group exhibition and invitational ushering individuals to consider the merkin, its uses, its need, and in some cases, the inevitable comedy of the merkin as an object. A merkin is a wig for the pubic area originally used by women working in sex work.

Merkin Wall artists:

Rahne Alexander, Laura Amussen, Jackie Andrews, John Bernatitus, Delaney Cate, Theresa Columbus, Melissa Cormier, Joan Cox, Bonnie Crawford, Jacob Whayne Dillow, Laure Drogoul, Caitlin Gill, Alisa Glenn, Mary Opasik, Marla Parker, Fanni Somogyi, Erin Stellmon, Dan Van Allen, Vivienne Varay, Bunny Vicious, Melissa Webb,  and Kat Zotti

Main Exhibiting artists:

Laura Amussen, Mollye Bendell, Sera Boeno, Joan Cox, Elizabeth Downing, FORCE, Amy Helminiak, Julia Kim Smith, Shoog McDaniel, Liz Miller, Jennie Thwing, and  Stephanie Williams

A portion of proceeds from merkin sales was intended to benefit a local charities: Planned Parenthood and FORCE




Make Studio // Hotel Indigo


Make Studio // Hotel Indigo 

On View: January 15 -  April 30

Reception: Thursday, February 6 | 5:30 pm - 7:30pm

Hotel Indigo | 24 West Franklin Street | Free & Open to the Public

Maryland Art Place (MAP) and Hotel Indigo, are pleased to present  an exhibition in partnership with Make Studio and the individuals they service. Make Studio is a 501(c)3 community-based arts organization in Baltimore, MD, envisioning a world of acceptance and inclusion where art opens doors for everyone. Artworks by Make Studio artists will be hung in Hotel Indigo’s library and Poets Modern Cocktails and Eats. The reception will be held on Thursday, February 6th from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

“The diverse selection of art works on display were created by several artists based at Baltimore’s Make Studio, and was curated by the artists in collaboration with Maryland Art Place (MAP).Each artwork — by way of how it conveys the unique aesthetic and vision of each artist — converses with its neighbors in this context thanks to the vibrant hospitality at Hotel Indigo.” 

Make Studio is a nonprofit community-based arts organization and inclusive gallery located in Hampden. Make Studio empowers artists with disabilities (37 and counting) to grow as professionals with vision and voice in their communities; we create opportunities to connect everyone through art. We envision a world where art opens doors for everyone.” - Make Studio

Make Studio Featured Artists: Clara Baker, Nadine Baldwin, Greg Bannister, Erika Clark, Aimee Eliason, Chuck Fischer, Tony LaBate, Bess Lumsden, Louis Middleton, Katelynn Herty, Alex Albert, and Dontavius Woody.

Validated parking is available at 15 West Franklin St. Garage


SEEN: 20 Years of Baltimore Music Photography


SEEN: 20 Years of Baltimore Music Photography will highlight photography, as well as video, show posters, and ephemera that relates to the past 20 years of Baltimore music history. The show will feature local musicians and creators from all musical genres and backgrounds (from local bands that broke big like Future Islands and Beach House, to fallen artists like K-Swift and Lor Scoota, to genre definers like Scottie B and DJ Class).The exhibition aims to present a comprehensive and culturally inclusive overview of Baltimore’s vibrant music scenes from the year 2000 through 2020 by showcasing as many different genres, cultures, and forms of representation as possible. SEEN is curated by local photographers SEEN is curated by local photographers J.M. Giordano, Josh Sisk with a panel comprised of members of the Baltimore music community.

MAP will open the show September 10 – November 14 in collaboration with WTMD Towson Radio. Promotions are scheduled to kick off at TMD in August. Stay tuned for details!



Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis & Safe House


On View: June 4 – June 27

Virtual Exhibition

Maryland Art Place (MAP) is pleased to be partnering with the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA’s) Curatorial Practices Program this spring. MAP will be hosting two exhibitions simultaneously by students of the program.

Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis is a multimedia group exhibition curated by Ashley He with works by artists: Antonio McAfee, Cooper Holoweski, Rebecca Ou, Dana Matthews, and Seungkyung Oh. The exhibition explores the transformation of the human body and psyche under various apocalyptic conditions, tracing the emergence of progression or degeneration in the endless cycle of birth, death, and re-birth.

Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis also examines the development and aftermath of human-related cataclysmic events at various levels from interpersonal to global, using forms of hybridity to break the boundaries between the real and imagined, the physical and metaphysical, the known and unknown. The title Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis derives from the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, meaning the place of pleasure and the place of fear, referring to this sharp contrast in human beings, humanity, and the world. Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis provides an opportunity for artists and audiences to investigate the decisions and actions that led us to our current reality, the repercussions of those decisions and actions in a time of crisis, and the labyrinthine complexity of the relationship between the individual, humanity, and the environment. 

Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis urges for deep contemplation about: What happens in the time of awaiting the advent of this final destination of humanity? When it comes to our fatal reality, how can we move forward? What does it mean to see life as a series of violent and radical transformations? Whether considering an apocalypse as the world without human beings, the fall of civilization, life after the deluge, personal tragedy, religious prophecy, or natural disaster, the artists and their works in this show which in turn prompt us to grow in the place of the perilous, ruminating on the radical transformations humans have wrought, speculating as to what it means to be human and how we might continue as a species

Safe House curated by Sungah Kang features the artwork of seven feminist artists based in Korea and the US. Each artist expresses their own perspectives on Feminism in different mediums. Artworks range from pop art painted images, video, collage and ground installation. From the various angles of feminism, Safe House contains diversities in big movement. As most of the artists are in Korea, the exhibition promotes cross-cultural understanding for visitors based here in Baltimore. Exhibiting artists include: Gyeongyeon Kim, Youngjoo Cho, Yunkyoung Cho, Kyuwon Kim and Seyun Moon

Feminism in Korea only really began to take root as a radical movement in the 1980s, and it remains controversial in public discourse. However, in the past few years the women's movement in Korea has grown into a sizable online community thanks to social networking sites. It has also manifested in public actions and demonstrations, particularly in response to the #MeToo movement. 

This global revolution to assert the rights of—and respect for—women's social phenomenon has already transformed attitudes in gender, politics/social awareness/cultural standards in schools, workplaces, and life, generally, and has inspired women to speak courageously and publicly. But despite its evolution, it is still difficult in Korea for anyone to declare “I am a feminist.” Claiming to be feminist is some in Korean society and keep could cost you friendships or other relationships —in fact, it’s possible that you could be physically attacked for it. 

Since I know how difficult it is for Korean women to be the feminist, as a curator, I’m holding a feminism show comprised of Korean women artists and am building this ‘Safe House’ for them to speak their aims.

In light of COVID-19, we are all in an unprecedented and difficult moment. Every aspect of life has been interrupted, including cultural programming. As a response to the current uncertainty, Ashley He, Sungah Kang and MAP are launching an online exhibition which will also document the transition of this project under the pandemic. The online exhibition will be hosted on MAP's new virtual exhibitions page June 4 - June 27.


Tracy Barwick // Hotel Indigo


On View | June 16, 2020 - August 12, 2020

Online Exhibition | Saturday, June 27 - August 12

Opening Reception:  Thursday, July 30 | 5 -7pm

Hotel Indigo | 24 West Franklin Street | Free & Open to the Public

Join Maryland Art Place (MAP) and Hotel Indigo in celebrating new works by Maryland artist, Tracy Barwick. Barwick’s paintings will be hung in Hotel Indigo’s library and Poets Modern Cocktails and Eats. In addition to Barwick’s exhibition on view at Hotel Indigo, her work can also be viewed online Saturday, June 27 - August 12, on MAP’s new virtual gallery located on our website

About the Artist:

Educated as an engineer, Barwick decided to delve into her passion, creating art.  Her hometown roots begin in Dayton, OH. but she now calls Maryland/DC her second home. Barwick truly believes there is no other place like Maryland. “Maryland has such an eclectic vibe composed of arts, museums, history, culture, and more, the inspiration is endless and is a constant source of creativity for me,” Barwick remarks. Barwick’s artistic narrative is simple:  personifying emotions, beliefs, and social concepts through ethnic patterns, shadings, and mediums across the full spectrum of color.  Her choice of mediums is glass (seed) beads, acrylics, and embroidery floss. Barwick often challenges herself to use every color imaginable in her work.  She partners her palette with shapes and thin lines, representing feelings and emotions, intertwining within each other creating...chaos. Past years have proven to be full of new beginnings, lessons, and experiences which have informed her work. Time, patience, imagination, and experience has allowed Barwick's art to evolve beyond her own boundaries and continue to mature over time. 

Due to COVID and the ever changing social distancing landscape, we ask that all guests RSVP for the reception. Please contact to reserve your spot 

We hope to see you Wednesday, July 30  from 5 - 7pm for the opening reception.

Validated parking is available at 15 West Franklin St. Garage.

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