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Maryland Art Place offers a changing schedule of innovative and diverse programming throughout the year that is always made available to the public free of charge. Events include exhibition openings, gallery talks conducted by exhibition curators and participating artists, workshops, professional development events, and lectures by artists and historians.

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8/22: YOU EFF OH Recpetion

Thursday, September 22, 2022 | 6:00 PM


Submission Deadline: Wednesday, August 31 by Midnight

On View: Thursday, September 22 - Saturday, November 19, 2022

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22 | 6 pm to 9 pm

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Maryland Art Place

Maryland Art Place is proud to announce a call for submissions for a group show  YOU EFF OH,  an exhibition that addresses what artists think about extraterrestrial phenomena and how this topic influences, or may be realized in their work. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, August, 31 by Midnight. The exhibition will take place at MAP running from September 22 through November 19 with an opening reception on Thursday, September 22 from 6 pm to 9 pm (in conjunction with this fall’s Bromo Arts District Artwalk).
DESCRIPTION: What’s out there? - That common question we ask ourselves as we gaze into the night sky. Are we alone? Is it all just uninhabitable rocks in the sky, dusty particles and shiny stars? H.G. Wells wrote War of the Worlds in 1898 and not until a sleepy Friday in June of 2021, as Covid continued to rattle the world, did the US intelligence community quietly release a report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) aka UFOs.
Until 2019, when the US Navy started a program to track unidentified flying objects, there had been no formalized way to track these sightings yet we all imagine they occur.  In the 2021 report, there were clearly safety concerns, though some discernment as to whether the 144 recorded incidents were alien or possibly advanced technology from Russia or China. (Note: The idea of UFO’s really started to take shape in 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted a series of nine oddly shaped aircraft flying in tandem in the sky). This past May 2022 the House Intelligence Committee held its first hearing on UFO’s in half a century, and in June 2022 it was announced that the government plans to release another unclassified report about what it has collected about UAP’s. Whether legitimate or not, our fascination with alien life and other worldly places has permeated our culture. We love to consume the possibility. From blockbuster hits such as Closer Encounters and ET to kitschy flicks like Mars Attacks, we just can’t get enough. (References: CNN Politics, NPR and CBS News)
So what is YOU EFF OH? Undoubtedly all that happens in the sky has had an effect on our creativity. What do artists think about alien life; how does this topic influence their practice (if at all); who is creating work related to UFO’s, aliens, sightings, abductions and unexplainable events and who wants to create work related to these topics? Existing and proposed works will be accepted.

DEADLINE: The deadline for submission is Wednesday, August 31 by Midnight

For full prospectus, application form and eligibility click HERE or visit

To apply please see the full list of application materials, eligibility, and required attachments: Please send your application to OR fill out the google application form HERE by midnight, Saturday, August 31, 2022 Application Deadline.

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Maryland Art Place (MAP) inspires, supports, and encourages artistic expression through innovative programming, exhibitions, and educational opportunities while recognizing the powerful impact art can have on our community. MAP creates a dynamic environment for artists of our time to engage the public by nurturing and promoting new ideas. MAP has served as a critical resource for contemporary art in the Mid-Atlantic since 1981.

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