IMPRINT is an annual program that was initiated by the MAP staff in 2012 as way to highlight one singular, specific contemporary artist each year that is excelling in their selected media. Every year, MAP’s Program Advisory Committee, Staff & Board of Trustees will collectively select one work of art, by one artist, to be reproduced and sold.

The goal of the IMPRINT program is to support artists through the on-going sale of an artwork replication. IMPRINT artists will benefit from the program through increased visibility of their name and work throughout the year.


Creating Connections 2018

Congratulations to Shanthi Chandra-Sekar!

Join us in congratulating Shanthi Chandra-Sekar, this year's winner of the Creating Connections call for entry, for her outstanding artwork, "Networks-Fractal".

Limited edition reproductions of her work were distributed to guests of the CyberWire's 5th annual "Women in Cyber Security" reception on October 18th! Shanthi has also been gifted a $1500 cash prize for the selection of her winning artwork.  Thank you to the Cyberwire for providing this opportunity to local artists!

As an extension of MAP’s annual IMPRINT Project, MAP worked with The CyberWire to offer a unique opportunity to female visual artists of the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. Collectively, MAP and The CyberWire wished to acquire and license the image of a work of art. MAP put out an open call for entry for artists to apply. The winning artwork was reproduced in a limited edition and presented to the guests of The CyberWire’s 5th Annual Women in Cyber Security reception on October 18, 2018. 

ABOUT "CREATING CONNECTIONS": We live in a time where cyberspace has become inextricably linked to the lives of individuals and organizations of all kinds. Cyberspace is the medium of global commerce and communication, and it is one of the most important factors in the social, political, and technological changes we see occurring today. The CyberWire provides concise and relevant daily briefings on the critical news happening across the global cyber security domain. In an industry overloaded with information, we also help individuals and organizations rapidly find the news and information that's important to them.

As the aim of The CyberWire's reception is to facilitate connections among women working in cybersecurity and would like to acquire a work of art that reflects the theme of "creating connections." Inherent in the idea of connections is the idea of networks-social networks, computer networks, and support networks-which may be an important point of departure for acquired or commissioned work. This opportunity is open to female artists living and working in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.

The CyberWire & the Arts

The CyberWire believes that having a thriving arts community is critical to the future of the state of Maryland-the place they have made their home. "Artists challenge the way we see and think about the world, and about ourselves-without this, we don't learn, and we don't grow; their work brings about new ideas, changes attitudes, and shapes culture-without this, we stagnate. The arts community is a wellspring of imagination and creativity-this is the fuel of innovation. The arts contribute immeasurably to the world we see around us, and to our quality of life-this creates a vibrant culture that attracts new residents, businesses, and sustains those that have already made their home here. We believe the arts are invaluable and desire our employees and their families to live and work in a visually and intellectually vibrant state for decades to come." ~ The CyberWire team

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Maryland Art Place (MAP) inspires, supports, and encourages artistic expression through innovative programming, exhibitions, and educational opportunities while recognizing the powerful impact art can have on our community. MAP creates a dynamic environment for artists of our time to engage the public by nurturing and promoting new ideas. MAP has served as a critical resource for contemporary art in the Mid-Atlantic since 1981.

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